What Can I Eat On A Low Carb Diet Plan?

What Can I Eat On A Low Carb DietWhat can i eat on a low carb diet? Dieting!! Who wants to talk about that? The truth is that no matter how motivated and willing to lose weight we may be, it is still a difficult task to accomplish. If you’ve chosen a Low-Carb diet plan, these nine Low Carb diet tips will help you in achieving your goals easier. Many overweight people choose to go on diet because they think that it will help them lose weight. However, one should be cognizant of the fact that diets do not work. In fact, studies have shown that over 95 percent of dieters end up regaining the weight within five years.

There are several reasons that diets do not help maintain lifelong weight loss. Below are some of those reasons:

Diets are too hard to follow

One of the reasons that diets do not work is because they simply are too hard to follow. Being on a diet requires discipline and willpower. It is very hard to say no to one’s favorite foods. That is why some people quit their diet after a week. Additionally, most people get bored with eating the same foods every day

Diets are only a temporary fix

If a person wants to maintain his weight loss for the rest of his life, he will have to make a permanent change in his eating habits. Most diet plans are intended to be followed for a few weeks. The majority of people revert back to their old eating habits after they get off of their diet. A diet cannot fix a person’s bad eating habits.

Diets are too restrictive

Many diet plans involve eliminating one or more food groups. That is why dieters end up depriving themselves of the essential vitamins and minerals that their body needs. This can cause the body to go into starvation mode. Starvation mode occurs when the body starts burning lean muscle and tissue instead of fat. Starvation mode slows down metabolism, which can make it even more difficult for a person to lose weight.

Most people feel hungry and deprived while they are on a diet

Most dieters complain that they feel hungry and deprived while they are on a diet. Hunger can also cause a person to crave the very things that he is trying to avoid, such as sweets and fatty foods. Many people end up “cheating” and giving into those cravings. It only takes a few cheats to ruin a diet plan.

Excessive dieting can lead to eating disorders

Studies have shown that yo-yo dieters are eight times more likely to develop an eating disorder. It is estimated that one to two percent of the population suffers from eating disorders. Dieters often become excessive about what they eat, which is why they are at an increase risk for developing an eating disorder.

The bottom is line is that diets do not work. They are hard to follow, not meant be maintained for long periods of time, are too restrictive and make a person feel as though he is starving all of the time. Additionally, diets can also be dangerous because they make a person more susceptible to developing eating disorders. Eating healthy (not dieting) and exercise are the keys to lifelong weight loss.

So, What Can I Eat On A Low Carb Diet Plan?, Here is the 9 low carb diet tips:

Low Carb diet tip #1

Carbohydrates should only amount to 10% of your daily calorie intake. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables according to what’s allowed in your chosen Low Carb diet. Also, include protein in your diet.

Low Carb diet tip #2

Every Low-Carb diet has its own set of rules. Do not mix Low Carb diet plans. Follow the guidelines as outlined to ensure your success.

Low Carb diet tip #3

Avoid foods with white flour and/or sugar. Eat whole grain breads that allow for easier digestion, and give you a full feeling faster. Sweets will only make you crave more sweets.

Low Carb diet tip #4

Beware of hidden sugars in carbohydrates. Certain carbs convert to sugar faster, like certain fruits and veggies such as carrots. Try to stick to low sugar carbs.

Low Carb diet tip #5

Take fiber supplements, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. The fiber will aid in digestion while making you feel full. The vitamins and minerals will supplement for a balanced, healthy diet.

Low Carb diet tip #6

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that increases the hunger pangs in some people. Cut down on caffeine, and preferably drink decaffeinated coffee.

Low Carb diet tip #7

Drink plenty of water. Drinking one full 8oz glass of water before every meal, will make you feel fuller and eat less foods. Besides this benefit, drinking at least 8 quarts of water a day will help your overall in keeping a healthy body.

Low Carb diet tip #8

Keep on learning everything you can about carb content in foods as well as how to mix and match foods correctly for faster weight loss and tastier meals. There are plenty of books with great low carb recipes to give you plenty of ideas.

Low Carb diet tip #9

Visit your physician before starting a diet, and during the process of losing weight. A good plan should be supervised by a medical practitioner.

Not all Low Carb diets were created equal. Successful weight loss depends on many factors, and one of the primary ones is choosing the right Low Carb diet for you according to your lifestyle, budget and food preferences, among several other choices. Once you have chosen the right Low Carb diet for you, these Low Carb diet tips will help you achieve success.

Keep yourself informed, be patient and stick to your Low Carb diet. The only thing you have to lose is weight.

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